I. basic provision

1 / these general terms and conditions /hereinafter the “terms and conditions”/ are issued according to section 1751 et seq. of act no. 89/2012 coll., the civil code /hereinafter referred to as the “civil code”/

nike silná

identification number of a legal entity in the czech republic / 06011012

tax identification number / CZ7861124601

registered office / jana blahoslava 371 uherske hradiste 686 01

registered at the trade licensing office / in uherske hradiste 11. 4. 2017

email / info@lililei.art

telephone number / +420 605 247 278

website / www.lililei.art

2 / these terms and conditions govern the mutual rights and obligations of the seller and natural person who enters into a purchase contract outside its business as the consumer, or in the course of his business /hereinafter referred to as the "buyer"/ via a web interface located on a web page available at http://ec.europa.eu internet address: www.lililei.art /hereinafter referred to as "online store"/

3 / the provisions of the terms and conditions form an integral part of the purchase contract. divergent provisions in the sales contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these terms and conditions

II. product information and prices

1 / information about the goods, including the prices of the individual goods and its main characteristics, are given for the individual goods in the online store catalog.

the prices of the goods are inclusive of value-added tax, all related fees and the cost of returning the goods if such goods cannot by their nature be returned by the normal postal route

prices of goods remain valid for as long as they are displayed in the online store

this provision does not exclude the negotiation of a purchase contract under individually negotiated conditions

2 / all presentation of the goods placed in the catalog of the online store is of an informative character and the seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract regarding these goods

III. order and conclusion of the purchase contract

1 / the costs incurred by the buyer when using means of distance communication in connection with the conclusion of the purchase contract /costs of internet connection, costs of telephone calls/ shall be borne by the buyer himself, these costs do not differ from the standard rate

2 / the buyer orders the goods by filling in the order form without registration

3 / when placing an order, the buyer selects the goods, the number of items, the method of payment and delivery

4 / before sending the order, the buyer is allowed to check and change the data entered in the order, the buyer sends the order to the seller by clicking on the "secure checkout" button

the data stated in the order are considered correct by the seller, the condition of validity of the order is to fill in all required information in the order form and to confirm the buyer that he is familiar with these terms and conditions

5 / immediately upon receipt of the order, the seller will send the buyer confirmation of receipt of the order to the e-mail address that the buyer entered at the time of order, this confirmation is automatic and is not considered a contract

the purchase contract is concluded after the order is received by the seller, the order receipt is delivered to the buyer's email address

6 / in the event that any of the requirements specified in the order cannot be met by the seller, he will send the buyer a modified offer to his email address

the amended offer is considered a new draft of the purchase contract and the purchase contract is in such a case concluded by the buyer confirming the acceptance of this offer to the seller's email address specified in these terms and conditions

7 / all orders received by the seller are binding, the buyer may cancel the order until the buyer receives a notification of the receipt of the order by the seller, the buyer may cancel the order by telephone to the seller's telephone number or email specified in these terms and conditions

8 / in the event of a t technical error on the part of the seller in the presentation of the price of goods in the online store or during the ordering process, the seller shall not be obliged to deliver the goods to the buyer for this obviously incorrect price, receiving an order according to these terms and conditions

the seller shall inform the buyer of the error without undue delay and send the buyer a modified offer to the buyer's email address, the amended offer is considered a new draft of the purchase contract and the purchase contract is in this case concluded by confirmation of receipt by the buyer to the email address of the seller

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